If Transferring to Another Texas County

Your community supervision (probation) will normally be transferred to the county in which you reside. A transfer packet will be prepared on your case and mailed to the CSCD (Adult Probation Department) in the county of your residence. Once the county to which you will be transferring receives the transfer packet, they will mail a letter to you at the address that you provided us. The letter will advise you of your appointment time with your supervision officer and the address to report to in the receiving county. Do not contact the county to which you are transferring until you receive their appointment letter. If you do not hear from the receiving county within sixty (60) days, you are to contact the Indirect Officer at the CSCD in Palo Pinto County. You are required to report directly each month to the county to which your supervision is transferred. It is a violation of your supervision if you do not report as directed.

Each month, you are also required to report to the Palo Pinto County CSCD by mail. You can acquire report forms to mail at your initial interview or download a report form from the Palo Pinto County CSCD website:   www.palopintocscd.com . The date that the report form is due at the Palo Pinto County CSCD office is noted on your copy of your court judgment. Failure to mail a monthly report form in a timely manner is a violation of your community supervision (probation).

If you have monthly payments for fine, court costs, supervision fees, restitution, and/or court-appointed attorney fees on your community supervision from this jurisdiction, those payments are due at the same time as your report form. If you are unable to make the entire payment that is due, you should send as much of a payment as you can and contact the indirect supervision officer regarding your situation. Your supervision officer cannot give you permission not to pay, but will work with you on a payment plan so long as you are making an effort.

     If you fail to report and/or pay for any month, you will likely receive a “late letter” from this CSCD. When you receive one of these letters, you will need to follow the instructions provided to prevent any adverse action against your supervision.

Any programs that you were ordered to do as a condition of community supervision (probation) will be completed in the county to which you are transferring. If you commit any violations of your community supervision (probation) while under “courtesy” supervision in the county to which you transferred, a violation report will be filed that can result in your arrest and return to this jurisdiction to face revocation of your probation. If you commit a new offense in the county to which you transferred, you could face court action in that county, as well as judicial action in this jurisdiction to sanction or revoke your supervision from this jurisdiction.

You must maintain a stable address. Moving/transferring from county to county on a frequent basis will not be allowed. Probationers moving to another county/jurisdiction more than once every six (6) months will be assessed an administrative fee for each subsequent move.

If you have any questions regarding your case here, please contact your indirect officer at the Palo Pinto County CSCD.

February 2018