Driver Responsibility Program

The Driver Responsibility Program assesses surcharges based on certain traffic offenses. This program does not replace other administrative suspension, or revocation actions that result from these same convictions. 

Surcharges are assessed using one of two methods.

   POINTS: Points are assessed to moving violations. A surcharge will be assessed when the driver accumulates a total of six (6) points or more on their driver record during a three-year period. The surcharge assessment will be reviewed annually. If the driver record continues to reflect six or more points during the prior three-year period, the surcharge will be assessed. Therefore, drivers may be required to pay for one or more years if six or more points continue to accumulate on the driver record. The driver must pay a $100 surcharge for the first six points and $25 for each additional point. Point surcharges are cumulative and may vary with each annual assessment if convictions are added or removed from the driver record.

   OTHER: Surcharges are also assessed for certain convictions as defined by law. The surcharge amount varies based upon the type of violation committed. No points are accessed for these offenses because the surcharge is automatic upon conviction. The offense information and associated surcharges are listed below:

  • DWI or a DWI-related offense:   First time offense = $1,000; Second or subsequent offense = $1,500
  • DWI with Blood Alcohol Content 0.16 or greater $2,000
  • Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility = $250
  • Driving While Driver License Invalid = $250
  • Driving without a Valid Driver License (i.e. No Driver  License, No Commercial Driver License, No Endorsement Violation, No Motorcycle License, Operate with License for other Class Vehicle) = $100

 To obtain a list of the traffic convictions (points) posted to your driving history, a copy of your driver record may be purchased for a fee. Driver records may be purchased online or by submitting a written request through the mail.Traffic offenses resulting in points are designated by Sec. 37 of the Texas Administrative Code §15.89 .

Only offenses which occurred on or after September 1, 2003 will be assessed points or surcharges under the
Driver Responsibility Program.

Any conviction for a traffic offense, including out of state convictions, that meets the definition of a moving violation will accrue points. Any out of state conviction relating to the operation of a motor vehicle while intoxicated will be assessed the DWI surcharge. Other conviction based surcharges require convictions under specific Texas statutes.

When you are required to pay a surcharge, you will be mailed written notice of the surcharge requirement to your address of record on file with the Texas Department of Public Safety. 

Individuals who have a Texas Identification Card or have an unlicensed driver history who receive convictions that qualify under the Driver Responsibility Program must pay the surcharge whether they have a Texas driver license or not.

If you have multiple convictions for “No Insurance” that require the filing of an SR-22, you will also have to pay a surcharge of $250 each year for 3 years for any violation that occurred on or after Sept. 1, 2003.

If you defaulted on your installment payment plan, you may reenter an installment plan one time per surcharge requirement by submitting the minimum monthly payment. The installment plan will be reinstated with the same due date and minimum monthly payment requirement. If you have a subsequent default on the installment plan, you are not eligible to enter another installment plan for the payment of that particular surcharge. For a subsequent default, driving privileges will be automatically suspended until the balance is paid in full.

Your due date for the surcharge installment payment plan is based on “cycle billing”, which requires payments be posted within a particular date range to count for each month’s payment. A payment not made in the next cycle will result in a default and suspension of driving privileges. You may request a change to the due date of your monthly payment as part of the installment plan. A due date change is only permitted one time per surcharge account. Payments take 1 – 2 business days from receipt of payment to post to your account and up to 5-7 business days from receipt of payment to update to your driving record. You may pay by:

  • Cash  (only accepted in the lobby of Municipal Services Bureau at 6505 Airport Blvd. Suite 100, Austin, Texas 78752);
  • Money Gram Express Payment/Western Union Quick Collect Payment;
  • Electronic check (24 hours a day/ 7 days a week using a telephonic system via the toll-free number for MSB at 1-800-688-6882); or
  • Credit card (online at with either Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express).

If you receive a Surcharge Notice that says you have a conviction on your record but that ticket was dismissed by the court or it should have been reported as a Driver Safety Course, you have to contact the court that reported the information to the Department. The Department must receive written documentation from the court in order to correct the driving record.

If you receive a Surcharge Notice that says you have a No Insurance conviction on your record but you had insurance at the time of the offense, you may contact the Department to provide proof of insurance so your Safety Responsibility suspension may be lifted. However, this will not remove the conviction from your driver record and you’re still  required to pay the surcharge. 

If you receive a Surcharge Notice, you do not have to pay the full amount at one time to prevent suspension of your driving privileges. Installment plans are available, but you would need to contact the Municipal Services Bureau (MSB) by phone at 1-800-688-6882 or by email at for more information regarding installment plans.

The surcharge notice advising you that your driving privileges are revoked for failing to pay a surcharge is mailed to the address on your current drivers’ license. If your address on your drivers’ license is not current, you may not receive the notice informing you that you owed a surcharge; however, you will still have to pay the surcharge or your license will be suspended.

Should you recieve a notice informing you that you have accrued 4 or 5 points, there is no special action that you must take. This is an Advisory Notice for informational purposes only. This is to inform the individual that any additional convictions for moving violations will result in a surcharge r

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February 2018